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Price range £1,400 - £2,200

What began in California during the 1980's with a collection of hand made dresses, has grown and grown into the Watters that we know today, a huge and respected name within the bridal industry. Watters wedding dresses are a favorite of the modern bride for a reason - founder and designer Vatana Watters believes that design is where the perfect bridal gown starts, but not where it ends. Starting with exquisite design, Watters wedding dresses go the extra mile with incredible quality and meticulous attention to detail.

"Today we’re the yes for women all over the world, from California to London to Sao Paulo. And while we’re global, each dress is still our baby – designed and sent with love from our home base in Dallas, Texas. We can’t wait to share what’s next with you. In the meantime, let’s see and hear more about your story."  So tag, tag, tag away: #BEAWATTERSGIRL

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