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How to prepare and style for a backless wedding dress

At Yasmin Rose Bridal, Cardiff absolutely love backless wedding dresses. Their embellishment and innovative designs are often the reason why we are in awe of the style and here's why...

Whether you are looking for the casual elegance of bohemian, jaw dropping sexy or Hollywood glamour, a backless wedding dress will enhance your look by adding a statement. In addition, the nature of a backless dress allows you to show skin whilst maintaining your classy appearance on your wedding day.

In our opinion, the backless wedding dress is one of the most adaptable and stylish current trends and we have come up with tips on how to wear/style them, as well as, a list of designers to help you find your dream dress.


Let us guess? Your first thought is…but what underwear will work with a backless wedding dress? If you have a small bust then a sticky bra is a possibility, however, if you have a slightly larger bust and would like to wear body shaping underwear, there are still options available. You can discuss with your bridal retailer/designer whether there is a way in which support can be added into your dress, or you can shop around for backless underwear.

Say Cheese

If your wedding dress’s statement is the open back, you need to ensure that your photographer is aware of this so that they can plan their shot positioning appropriately.


Hair Styling

In order to show the backless wedding dress off in it’s full glory we suggest that you style your hair in a upstyle, and if you’re looking to lengthen your neck, a ballerina bun often works best.

If you’d really like to have your hair down, then a good way around this would be to style it so it falls on one side, this will avoid the statement of the open back being lost.

Casa Salon

Back Preperation

We suggest that you exfoliate your back a couple of months before your wedding day, especially if you are likely to have a break-out. Just to be sure, inform your makeup artist that you will be wearing a backless dress so that they can bring along body foundation.

In addition, if you’d like to begin a work out programme, it would be a good idea to focus on exercises that target your back. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/fit-bride-arm-workout-video

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise.

Thinking of highlighting your backless wedding dress? We’ve got some ideas on way you can do it:

  • Wear a neckless backwards

  • Use stick on gems and pearls to show off your back.


Which Style to Choose?

You need to be sure that your dress sits well and flatters your body shape. Each backless gown is different. If you have a more athletic build, then a low U shape dip will work well, for slim ladies, a V shape dip is favourable and for petite body shapes, we suggest you avoid anything with a large gap and that you stick to spaghetti straps.

At Yasmin Rose Bridal, Cardiff we encourage you to try on various different styles to see what works best.

It's great to bring along family/friends to help advise you but please remember more is not always best. We recommend bringing 2-3 people whom you trust and value their opinion. Bringing more than 4 people usually results in conflicting opinions which can sometimes confuse the bride.

Contact us now to book an appointment. The Designers

Wtoo - Watters

Christine Dando

Hayley Paige

As you can see, the backless wedding dress is extremley versatile, it can be seductive, classy, timeless, or all of the above...depending on which designer you choose.

We'd love to help you find your perfect wedding dress, so please contact us now to book an appointment.

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